Wide Format

If you are outsourcing printing for large-format documents you could be wasting time and money.  RCM understands how important it is to keep your business running at top speed. Whether you are in a design industry or simply have a full-fledged in-house marketing team, wide-format printers enable you to save money by eliminating the need for an external print shop.

Wide-format devices (also known as “Plotters”) produce professional quality sheets of paper up to 36 inches in width and 472 inches in length. If your organization prints a great number of posters, blueprints, maps, or other large-format documents, a wide-format device from RCM makes sense, especially if the alternative is sending your jobs out to print shops.

Wide format devices appeal to many industries, among them are:

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Design and fabrication operations need fast access to drawings. You can print your drawings on demand with our productive devices.

Graphic Arts

If you are a graphic designer, photographer or pre-press person that needs to make a big impact, a wide-format system will give you a large outlet for your creativity.


More and more businesses are enjoying the benefits of large-format in their marketing, training and HR departments.

To learn more about how you can bring the print shop into your office, contact us today.