Choose the Right Printer

The task of managing your printing fleet can be one of the biggest unmanaged expenses in your business. You can easily manage the devices throughout your network by choosing the right printer for the right job. Successful management includes consideration of the combination of toner and supply ordering to routine maintenance and repair. That is why we offer Print Management,  to provide you with one, low cost approach to complete printer and multifunction system management.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Printer

When choosing a printer for your business, there are a number of things you need to consider:

  • What options do I require, and are they included?

  • Can I easily manage and troubleshoot the printer?

  • What is the total cost of ownership of this printer?

  • What is the reliability of the printer?

  • How fast does it take for the printer to ‘warm up’?

  • What kind of security tools does it offer?

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