Print Management

Documents Drive Your Business

At RCM Data, we understand that documents drive business processes. In fact, they are the key vehicles by which information moves through your organization. Our Print Management program is designed to help your business control the cost of printing and increase the level of support to end users.

Your Business Needs Continually Evolve

Business needs continually evolve and yours will be no exception. Your printing needs will change as your business changes.

Many of our clients appreciate our optimization strategy. Once we are managing your printer fleet we can meet with you on a quarterly and semi-annual basis to review your usage patterns. From here, we can work together to identify further areas for improvement.

Optimization Strategies

These areas for improvement may include:

Workflow Optimization

RCM’s Print Management program first looks at the flow of documents through your output devices. We can then help you take the program to the next level by looking at the flow of information through your business processes. Workflow can be optimized by applying our suite of document solution applications to enhance your business.

Technology Refresh

It makes sense to refresh your technology with newer printer and multifunction (copy, print, scan fax) devices that use less power and enhance productivity. We can help you refresh devices as needed inside your cost-per-page program which eliminates the need for capital expenditure.

To learn more about how your company could benefit from our Print Management program, contact us today.