Manage Your Print Fleet

RCM Data will help your business use common print management strategies to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve workflow. You will be amazed at what we can show you!

Remote Monitoring: Never Run Out of Supplies

The same software that gathered the information on your printer fleet during the first assessment can be used to continually monitor your printer fleet. Basic information like device status, supply levels and usage counts are sent to our print monitoring facility. This allows us to respond proactively to your service and supply needs. (You can relax knowing that we will have no in-bound access to your network, no proprietary data is sent to us and the data is fully encrypted.)

Print Job Routing

Some devices cost more to operate than others. It makes sense to send high volume print jobs to low cost devices. Our Print Routing software lets you create and enforce printing rules. For example, jobs over 20 pages can be routed to a network printer instead of a desktop printer. Users are notified of the move and the reason for it.

Device Consolidation: Freeing Office Space, Cutting Expense & Environmental Waste

We often find printer, copier, and fax devices in the same room. Sometimes there is a business reason for this redundant cost. Other times it may make sense to consolidate the devices into one multifunction system to reduce the cost of electricity, supplies, and support contracts for multiple devices. In addition, there is less space to cool and potential energy savings that will help your printing “go green”.

Outsourced Management: Focus on Your Core Business and Leave the Printing to Us

Many of our clients are happy to outsource the management of their printers to us. In this arrangement, we provide printer supplies, onsite service, and remote monitoring on an ongoing basis. Many clients like our cost-per-print usage-based billing where you only pay for the prints you use.

Device Redeployment

During the print assessment we often discover high capacity print devices in low usage areas. We can help you rationalize redeployment of these devices to high usage areas, helping to reduce your costs.

These are just a few of our strategies. We will work with you to develop a customized program to meet your business objectives. To schedule your print assessment, contact us today.