Electronic Forms

Most business information is contained on forms.  Businesses needlessly spend billions of dollars a year on pre-printed forms.  Regrettably, as your business and marketing strategies grow and change, many of these forms end up in landfill sites as they become obsolete.

Experience the Ease of Electronic Workflow

Electronic forms technology not only allows you the possibility of moving paper based forms to an electronic workflow, but also offers significant advantages throughout your workflow and business processes. With electronic form software you will replace pre-printed forms, conduct highly personalized one-to-one marketing, market to your existing customers on the documents they already receive from you, and distribute your customer data where you need it and when you need it.

By printing your form and variable form content at the same time on your low cost multifunction device, your business can significantly reduce its costs in producing invoices, statements, delivery documents, and other forms your system creates for you.

Gain Significant Advantage throughout Your Network

Overall, the benefits of electronic forms are tremendous:

  • Electronic forms have the ability to improve internal and external business communication with vendors and customers while reducing manual data input and human error.

  • Electronic forms allow simple communication updates whenever data changes.

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